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We barely started planning their trip to South Dakota when we ran into obstacles. We wanted the boys to stay at a privately owned campground verses a state park because of the family atmosphere and smaller size. We began calling campgrounds in the area of Mount Rushmore and they all said no, they would not accept a party with no one over eighteen present. I understood their position, but I was still hoping someone would give them a chance. After calling many campgrounds in that area, we had to start looking farther away from Mount Rushmore. A campground in Deadwood said they would take them. We were elated!  Their trip was becoming a reality.

The next obstacle would be in Minnesota. They wanted to attend a Twins game on the way. It was an evening game and they would need to spend the night in Minneapolis. We found that Minnesota law says no one can get a hotel room under the age of eighteen, even if I called and made the reservation for them. A friend suggested a Youth Hostel and we found there were a few in Minneapolis. We made a reservation at one that was someone’s home and near the city’s tram system so they could take the tram to the baseball game.

While making calls to various places of interest to get information on things to do, we found a horseback riding stable that gave rides through a canyon.  The boys said they would enjoy that so I called to make a reservation.  While talking with the owner I told her the boys would be traveling alone and if there was anything I needed to sign for them to ride, I asked if it could be done via e-mail.  She was very cooperative and friendly and a reservation was made.  A few days went by and as I had not received an e-mail from her, I called to check on it.  The woman’s attitude toward me had totally changed.  She nearly yelled at me and said it was inappropriate for me to send a 16yr old and 12yr old across two states alone.  I was stunned and shaken.  It planted doubt in my mind about the trip.  Then I told myself I would not let this woman’s issues or fears control me.  She didn’t know me or my boys, in fact the people who did know us were supportive of the trip and believed in the ability of the boys to handle themselves.  I realized this woman’s attitude reflected that of many in our society.  That teens are incapable of such responsibility – especially one that does not involve any adult supervision.  I beg to differ and intended to show that when given the opportunity, teens will rise to the challenge.


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  1. I have always enjoyed hearing your experiences. It helps me to think about how I would react as my kids get older. This has been great so far!!
    Keep writing!!

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