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When I became a mom I was concerned with how my children would turn out as does any other parent.  Carefully trying to make the right decisions regarding food, tv viewing, enrichment activities and education. I guess I could say I viewed raising kids as sort of like an assembly line in a factory – if I do all the right things, then I will end up with the right product.  Whenever I heard about the troubles parents with teens or adult children were having, I imagined they must have done something wrong along the way, and I thought – with a very cocky attitude – that I would not make such blunders.  Sort of like an arm-chair quarterback – they’re quick to point out everything the quarterback is doing wrong with no experience to back it up.  

Fortunately, time and experience has given me a little wisdom.  I do believe our children are shaped by their experiences, whether they are positive or negative – what I don’t believe is that there is a right way to experience childhood.  As a 15 year, homeschooling veteran I have heard enough of the claims that a specific educational choice is a magic bullet to great kids. I have seen kids from all educational backgrounds be successful… and struggle – homeschoolers, public and privately schooled kids alike.

Homeschooling is not the right way to educate, but a different way to experience childhood and learning.  It allows for the ability to create an educational environment that just cannot be duplicated in a formal school setting because of the sheer numbers of students that it needs to serve.  I no longer see homeschooling as a way to produce an end result, but as a foundation to the beginning of a life – a life that will include successes and failures, good choices and bad.


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